Cool and Effective Business Card Designs #1

Here is a collection of cool business cards to inspire you. Most of them are from the Business Cards flickr pool, some of them from Ads of the World. Please do share with us if you found any interesting business card design that we had not yet posted =)

Cool and Effective Business Card Designs #1

Make an 3D plastic card.

Special Design

"Real" Business Card

Cute fold out. Brings back old childhood memories.

Add teeth impressions if you're a dentist. Thumb prints for a detective. You get the drift.

Try Some Emboss Effect on Your Business Card

Put A Map so that Customer can find you easily

Combine different papers.

Add a bit of class and expense. Have gilded edges.

Stay minimal and positive.

We don’t take credit for any of these photos, this post is just for collecting cool photos and artworks for design inspiration from the internet.

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