Beautiful and Creative Photography - “Lapp Pro” Effect

Lapp Pro Photography stands for Light Art Performance Photography. The name itself represent the highlight of totally unique colors of the source which they can be flash lights or the bicycle lights or it can also from the blinking flash of LED.

With a total control of so-called shutter speed and aperture, the photography techniques totally depends on the on the Long Range type of effect, and using the mention sources, the art was paint into the photography and creating Lapp Pro effects.

Beautiful and Creative Photography -  “Lapp Pro” Effect

The astoundingly creative usage of common long exposure of lights, the founder, Janleo and Joerg, professional photographers, has cause a Lapp Pro mania, where you can see their works to be published to many art related blogs

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We don’t take credit for any of these photos, this post is just for collecting cool photos and artworks for design inspiration from the internet.

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