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Beautiful Women Photography

Portrait Photography Basic Positioning Tips

  • Position body and head facing different directions.

  • Masculine pose: tilt top of head toward far shoulder.

  • Feminine pose: tilt top of head toward near shoulder. Note: Women can typically pull off either of these two poses.

  • Portrait Photography  Hand Posing Tips

  • Don't show flat surfaces of hands, show finger edges.

  • Fingers should not be facing into the lens.

  • Bend fingers at all joints.

  • Male hands should be more closed, female should be more open.

  • Use opposing diagonals: ie head resting on arm; each pointing in opposite directions.

  • Fingers should not be intertwined.

  • Never rest a head on a fist.

  • Suggestions for Lighting
    Match the mood of image to lighting.

    • High key --> happy
    • Low key --> dramatic An Example of a High Key Lighting Setup (four light setup)
    • Main and fill lights close to the same output (1:1 to 2:1 max ratio).
    • White clothing, white background.
    • Overexpose background by 1 stop.
    • Point background lights at opposite edge of background.
    • Meter background at its center, set background lights to +1 stop main (ie. f11).
    • Subject should be halfway between camera and background.
    • Two umbrellas should be the main source, equal powered, and when combined rated at f8.
    • Shoot at f8.

    If you see a photo or artwork that is yours and you want credit or it to be taken off, just let us know. We don’t take credit for any of these. Thank You.

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