Landscape Photography ideas from google plus #2

Looking for landscape photography ideas? This post collect some great work of Google plus photographer, landscape photography has always been a good theme for start up of photography.

please note that you might have interested on our previous collection :
Landscape Photography ideas from google plus #1

A Storm Is Approaching 7-3-2012 - Gizella Nyquist

Each photo contains the photographer name and their caption, you may search for their profile on google plus for more breathtaking photos.

Herbert Ferry Saskatchewan - Mindy Mcgregor

Lake Louise - Canadian Rockies, AB - Michael Muraz 2012

Lake Tahoe, CA - Karen Hutton

Nature's Warmth - Jen Baptist

SweepingGestures-karen hutton google plus photographer

conchas_chinas_pond_2 - Shanti Gilbert's profile photo

foot of the Bow Glacier in Banff, Alberta.-dave bouskill 2010

gold coast sunrise - Tony Porter

lake view - John e Adams

mission bay - Kim Anglin

panaroma sky - Gary Randall - great works

sommer im emmental - Peter Wilhelm

sunrise - Michael Muraz

sunset - Barry Blanchard

sunset photography - Adam Allegro

Trey Ratcliff - virgin gorda - inside the cave

If you see a photo or artwork that is yours and you want credit or it to be taken off, just let us know. We don’t take credit for any of these. Thank You.

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