Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vanessa Dualib has a way of making simple things stand out. She loves photos, she loves food. So she has created a collection of creative photos from food. I am sure many of the these creative photos will make you smile!

Creative Food Photos by Vanessa Dualib

Vanessa Dualib quotes on flickr

"So here's the deal... I love photos, I love food and I hardly can say I take life too serious...

So this is my tribute! To life, to food, to photography and to

And if anything you see in here makes you smile, then my mission will be accomplished!"

We don’t take credit for any of these photos, this post is just for collecting cool photos and artworks for design inspiration from the internet.

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If you see a photo or artwork that is yours and you want credit or it to be taken off, just let us know. We don’t take credit for any of these. Thank You.