Saturday, January 1, 2011

This post collects all the participant t-shirt artwork and design from is a Malaysia T-shirt Community website, which strongly promote original design. They organize Creative Design Contest every month and making products based on members choice! Welcome to join them !! -

T-shirt Design Contest in Malaysia by

Here are some of the participants t-shirt artwork design =)

Design Concept:
The design describes that nowadays people prefer to spend more time on 'FBook' compare to their 'Book' from school. With the slogan "Mum never support me, even I scored good result.

Design Concept:

Design Concept:
When you are sad and despairing, do not close your heart or even freeze up. In fact, everything has its own solution.

Design Concept:
My design concept is using brick combination to create a graphic and typographic. This slogon is warning people don't drink(alcohol) when drive.

Design Concept:
这次我给主题一个完整的句子~don't make our earth shed tears在这设计我玩了大胆的颜色,加上了眼泪上去~还有线

Design Concept:
My design concept is kind of ironic, we all realize that plenty of people are not really loyal nowadays, even though they are known as ''in a relationship'' but somehow still indicate as ''single'' or maybe even having more than 1 partner. So now I decide to shouted out a new slogan for those who ''Available But Not Single'' as their new status.
The male signature has been mark on a blank/dark heart whenever the female have a red passionate heart, this helps to bring out the humorous of the genders.

We don’t take credit for any of these photos, this post is just for collecting cool photos and artworks for design inspiration from the internet.

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