10 Creative Danbo Pictures

mom...哥哥都不等我! by sⓘndy°

游泳可以嗎?! by sⓘndy°

貪吃danbo by sⓘndy°

加油!! by sⓘndy°

Boppin' to Nothin' by Craig Dennis

image by sⓘndy°

Hey hey baby (Hu ha) I wanna know If you'll be my girl!! by Sabrina Cestari

Solitudine? Un bellissimo luogo, per una "sosta ogni tanto" by Sabrina Cestari

Danbo - somewhere i belong

DąИβo PART(2) by Fahad ™
Danbo is made from cardboard. Azuma Kiyohiko, the writer of Yotsuba, created this character. His first appearance in the comic is in chapter 28. Based on the original story, Danbo will turn alive when a coin is inserted into his mouth.

Danbo has unique expressions which has attracted many photographers in the world to make him as the object of their photos. Furthermore, Danbo can be posed easily according to the concept of their photos.

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